November 12


Who is The Little Bookstall?

By Martina

November 12, 2021

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Not sure how to help your little one with their reading journey? Fear not! The Little Bookstall is here to help!

If you’re here because you’re struggling to get your child to want to pick up a book…..welcome! If you’re here because your child has lost enthusiasm for reading…..pull up a chair! And if you’re here because your child is struggling to read…..make yourself comfortable! Or maybe they can and will read, but haven’t yet discovered reading for pleasure. Or perhaps you simply don’t have time to find great kids’ books for your voracious reader…..

…..welcome to The Little Bookstall

My name is Martina and I’m delighted to meet each and every one of you. And I look forward to helping you to ignite a passion for reading in your child. Because I believe that reading is for all children. But not just reading to tick a box or reading to make the teacher/mummy/granny happy.

We want to see every child’s eyes light up when they pick up a new book! To see each and every child discover the joy of reading! We at The Little Bookstall actually want you to have to beg your child to put their new book down!

….the long road from learning to read to loving to read

If your child didn’t pick up a book and become a lifelong reader, don’t worry. If there are lots of other things they’d rather do than read, don’t worry. Because that’s all entirely normal. The journey from learning to read to reading for pleasure is a long one. And the path is full of curves, bumps, obstacles and detours. But we are here to help you navigate the journey.


the road to reading for pleasure The Little Bookstall can help

We are passionate about reading! Mad about books! We eat, sleep and dream books! And we'd love to help you find the best books for your child, wherever they are on their reading journey.

We spend a lot of time researching, sourcing and reading children's books. Looking to find great kids' books to capture the imagination of children with all different interests. And we aim to curate a superb selection of books so that we can recommend the right books for your child. And to help them along their literary journey to the ultimate aim - reading for pleasure!

The Little Bookstall mission

.....where can you find us?

We're currently occupying a teeny little bit of the internet over at - or you can find us on Instagram at @thelittlebookstall. If you have a little browse and can't find what you're after, or simply don't have time to look - send us a message.

And, if you're looking for book reviews, reading tips and bookish inspiration, sign up to our email list. Come and join The Little Bookstall family!

Happy reading!

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